• Absolute Beginners
  • Painting

This course teaches foundation skills in the technical manipulation of paint, as well as in colour, structure, and content. The importance of direct visual observation and the creation of space and light illusion will be stressed. The instructor will also show how the same procedures can be used for work of an abstract or wholly imaginative nature. Thorough demonstrations of the materials to be used in the course will be given, and paintings will be small so that one project can be completed in each class. Media: Acrylic or oil paint.


Section 104 (12 weeks): $475

Section 804 (12 weeks): $475 | Model fee $40 | Total $515

Notes: It is recommended that students have taken an Introduction to Drawing course, or have some drawing experience. The 804 section will have a nude art model.

Upcoming Sections

CodeInstructorDates & TimeDaysLengthRegister
804Megan WilliamsJan. 16, 2019 to April 3, 2019
6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.
12-week courses$515.00
104Tom CampbellJan. 17, 2019 to April 4, 2019
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
12-week courses$475.00

What you will learn

  • Base for making an image.
  • Subject matter: Still life, portrait, landscape
  • Volume (light and shadow)
  • Composition: horizontal, vertical, pictorial space and structure
  • Colour: Master palette (underpainting), warm and cool colour, colour as light.
  • Focal points, centre of interest, points of meaning.
  • Students taking second term focus on skills learned from first term. Students begin to develop own direction.