• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Ceramic Arts

Learn to create in clay using the potter's wheel and hand-building.  This is the perfect introductory course for students interested in learning how to create functional pieces on a potter's wheel and create hand-made works in clay.  Learn the process of creating in clay from start to finish: wedging, preparing clay for various uses, throwing, trimming, hand-building techniques, basic surface decoration, use of underglaze and glazes as well as the process of firing in a kiln.  Create, enjoy, learn..... a get a little messy with clay!

Winter 2020:  Base Tuition: $349 + Materials Fee: $45 = $394

Notes: Materials Fee includes a bag of Cone 6, stoneware clay (20lbs) and all firing, use of glazes and tools. Only clay from TSA may be used.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Introduction to working with clay
  • Learn to throw clay on the potter’s wheel
  • Learn about surface decoration, glazing and more
  • Learn about the process of creating in clay on the potter's wheel from start to finish 

Materials to Bring

Please keep your receipts to all purchases incase you need to return any materials.

A basic pottery tool kit like these from Tucker’s Pottery Supply in Markham or Above Ground Art Supply (several Toronto locations) . TSA will have a limited number of tool kits available for purchase:

  • Your own apron (clay is messy)
  • Paint brushes - new for detailed painting/worn brushes for different techniques