• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Painting

This course will introduce students to the tradition and practice of urban landscape painting. We will explore historic and contemporary approaches to painting the dynamic landscape of urban space. Working from sketches and photographic reference, students will learn how to capture the essential aspects of a chosen scene and solve the problems of perspective, light and form, use of colour, paint application and composition.  

Winter 2021: 5 Weeks: Tuition: $264 + Materials Fee: $5 = Total:$269

Note: This course will be offered in two sessions - each 5 weeks long. These courses can be taken as stand alone courses or the second session can be taken as a continuation of the first, to further explore the medium.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID 19, special policies and regulations will apply. Students must be in agreement with these health and safety regulations and TSA's policies in order to enrol.

Notes: Toronto based painter Brian Harvey has training from Seneca College, Sheridan College, Toronto School of Art, the Art Centre at Central Technical School, and received a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in Toronto. He has been painting and exhibiting for over a decade and his work can be found in public and private collections across Canada, the United States and Europe. His paintings are studies of the commonplace and the typically mundane; everyday objects, spaces and urban landscapes which are frequently overlooked.
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What you will learn

What you will learn

  • Contemporary and historical painters of the urban landscape 

  • How to capture the essential characteristics of an urban scene

  • How to render light and space and solve problems of perspective

  • How to compose strong reference photos for paintings

  • Methodologies for engaging with the urban landscape and gathering reference material

Materials to Bring

Please keep all purchase receipts in case items need to be returned.

  • Camera
  • Image editing software/app is recommended (Apple photos, Photoshop, etc.)
  • Primed canvas, canvas boards or board in varying sizes and shapes: 8” - 16”
  • Gesso to prime supports
  • Hard paper, panel or canvas suitable for chosen media - colour wheel and charts

Paint - Oil or acrylic

  • Titanium white
  • Cadmium lemon / lemon yellow
  • Cadmium yellow light
  • Cadmium red / cadmium red light
  • Alizarin crimson
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Phthalo blue
  • Yellow Ochre
  • Phthalo green
  • Burnt umber
  • Ivory black
  • *For oil: Winton, Gamblin 1984, and Georgian are good student quality paints for beginners. Kama, Gamblin or Williamsburg are good artist quality paints worth exploring when you have some experience.
  • *For acrylic: Golden or Liquitex 

*For a solvent free studio practice try Gamblin’s solvent-free fluid as a medium and safflower oil for cleaning brushes

Brushes - filberts and/or flats #6-8-10 (synthetic and/or bristle)


  • Rags and paper towels
  • Metal palette knife
  • Medium - Linseed/walnut oil for oil, matte or gloss medium for acrylic
  • Gamsol or Izosol ONLY*
  • Containers for medium/solvent/water