• Intermediate-Advanced
  • Painting

Studio Painting 2 and 3 will introduce large-scale painting approaches to works greater than 20" x 24".

Approaches to painting in both oils and acrylics will be discussed and demonstrations will be done by the instructor in acrylic. Emphasis will be on developing multi-layered paintings that will include: foundation stains, textured layering, impasto mark making, acrylics and oils in one painting, and glazes.

Areas that will be covered within the course are:

  • Substrates and the advantages of wood versus canvas.
  • Images and/or abstraction.
  • Building source images via drawings, sketch paintings, photographs and digital manipulations
  • Projecting for scaling from small to large
  • Titles and their ability to obscure or enhance a finished work


Notes: It is recommended that students have taken an Introduction to Painting or Beyond Basic Painting course, or equivalent. Painting demos will be done with acrylics, and the respective oil mediums will be discussed.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Demonstrate the use of acrylic or oil paints plus their respective mediums
  • Demonstrate information collection and the thinking behind the development of students' own paintings
  • Demonstrate personal style – relative to students' amount of experience
  • Understand safe studio practices and low-toxic use of oils & acrylics
  • Students will have the confidence to work independently on chosen projects
  • Scaling work to larger sizes via projections