Group Workshops

Toronto School of Art (TSA) is the city’s longest-running independent art school. For over 45 years, TSA has provided a positive environment for aspiring artists to attain a quality visual arts education. Conveniently located in downtown Toronto at QueenSt. West and Bathurst, TSA offers students a unique opportunity for hands-on studio learning and exposure to artistic trends in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, printmaking, mixed media, digital arts and photography, portfolio development, and youth programming.

At TSA, artists teach students of all levels with both traditional and contemporary approaches offering an array of courses to choose from that will further develop one’s artistic vision and ability at any level.

If you’re looking for something unique for your company event or to create a team building day, an art workshop might be just the thing for you to boost employee morale and encourage creativity in the workplace. These can be customized to fit the needs and interests of your group.

We also welcome youth student groups, supporting their curriculum or introducing something new to their art education.

In normal circumstances, we can conduct your workshop in our large, bright, fully-equipped studios led by a TSA faculty member or, they can be held on-site at your workplace or school.

Fostering Creativity in the Workplace: 

TSA Art Workshops for the Corporate Environment and Creative Industries.

Workshop Objectives:

·      Encourage and develop creativity

·      Solve problems creatively

·      Understand values shared by colleagues

·      Exchange ideas

·      Promote collaboration

·      Innovative thinking and experimentation

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal allowing participants the ability to create and explore through guided art activities. Dates and times are flexible and can be programmed throughout the day or evening, typically they run 2-3 hours in length, or up to a full-day experience. Online workshops can also be arranged.

Fostering Creativity in the Classroom: 

TSA Art Workshops for Schools

TSA provides workshops designed for elementary and secondary school groups. These workshops introduce tools to foster visual literacy in students and to promote critical thinking about the visual world around us, introducing students to the exciting world of contemporary art through interactive hands-on art activities. The workshops are designed to give students a foundation in art techniques and a chance to explore a variety of different art mediums. Students are guided through various exercises intended to help them explore and learn the use of the materials and at the same time each create artwork based on their own imaginations.

Dates and times are flexible and can be programmed throughout the morning and afternoon, running from 90 minutes to 5 hours depending on the curriculum and activity. Workshops can also be arranged for online delivery.

One of our most popular workshops:

Life Drawing

Using a live model (clothed), this workshop will introduce students to the fundamentals of life drawing and is designed to expose the student to several different methods and approaches to contemporary life drawing and its application. Using dry media, students will focus on different skill building exercises in a fun and energetic environment, building toward several final drawings at the end of the session. 

Let us design a workshop for you! For more information and booking requests, please contact the TSA Office:

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