Artist Talk Series

Artist Talk with Emily Joyce on Art Restoration - Friday, May 24th!

Emily is a Toronto-based painter, art restorer and art instructor who has a passion for the connection between art and science. Outside of the TSA, she works as an art conservator at Toronto Art Restoration Inc., and an art material science instructor at the Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCADU). Her artwork is a visual blend of inspirations drawn from these professional careers; she combines the zealous creative processes of an artist with the close examination and imitation of historical artist techniques that are practiced by a restorer. 

Art conservation is a field that is the perfect marriage between art and science. Paintings come to the restoration studio in all conditions - with tears as long as your forearm, old varnishes so discoloured that cannot tell if the sky is blue, and so much flaking paint that the artwork looks like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle. Conservators are tasked with making sure that the story of an artwork continues for as many more chapters as possible. This talk will discuss the processes of art conservators, the ethics behind our choices, and examples of exciting treatments completed by Emily Joyce and the Toronto Art Restoration team.