What Course Should I Take Next?

Now that you’ve taken an "Introduction to..." course, we have a great selection of courses for you to expand on skills and techniques you’ve learned, whether you'd like to hone your skills within the same discipline or apply them to a different one.

All of TSA's courses are identified as either All Levels, Absolute Beginners, Introduction to Intermediate, Intermediate, Intermediate to Advanced. Our Introduction to Intermediate courses cover a broad spectrum of skill levels where beginning students can benefit from those more advanced and intermediate students receive the inspiration and direction needed to advance their vision and skills.  Our Level 2 & 3 courses are geared toward students who have been working in a discipline and wish to further their practice.

Check out any of our introduction-Intermediate, Intermediate, advanced or Level 2 courses to continue expanding your skills.

As course offerings change from term to term, we invite you to email (or call) our office for course recommendations.