Tuition and Fees

TSA's art courses are offered both IN-STUDIO and ONLINE.

Toronto School of Art offers art courses in drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, photography, printmaking, professional development and more. 

Tuition prices are listed for each individual course. They range in price depending on the length of course.  When you click on a specific art course you will see all of the costs associated.

Some courses will require model, material and lab fees.  These will be listed separately (for your information), but will be reflected in the total cost of the course upon payment.

Material fees for in-person courses include materials purchased by TSA to be used for instructor demonstations and, depending on the course, shared amongst students.  The  material fees are meant to eliminate the need for students to source and purchase specialty items (specialty acrylic mediums, sculpture materials etc.).   

Materials fees for online courses are small and provide instructors with demo materials to teach their courses online. 

Lab fees, for in-person courses are used for programs like Adobe Creative Cloud.