Gift Cards

Give the gift of a hands-on art course led by one of TSA's faculty members - all of whom are passionate and professional artist instructors.

Gift Cards are available in various denominations to cover full/partial tuition costs or Independent Study options. Below are base tuition costs -- any Material, Model and/or Lab Fees and a $20 Administrative fee for every transaction will affect the total cost.

Pricing below reflects Spring 2023 Online and In-Studio tuition prices and may be subject to change.

Spring 2023Base Tuition
12 wk course$520
11 wk course$478
10 wk course$455
8 wk course$365
6 wk course$318
1 day workshop$110

Independent Study Options

Open Life Drawing/Open Life Painting 5-session pass

Not available

Individual Critiques or

One-on-One Consultations

$65/hour students

$90/hour non-students

Consultation Pass

(5 sessions/5 hours)

$320 students

$420 non-students

How to Purchase a TSA Gift Card

Drop by the TSA office (Tuesday -Thursday: 9 - 7p.m./Friday & Saturday: 9 - 5 p.m.) or call us. You can pick up the Gift Card at TSA or, we can mail it out to either you or the recipient. If you cannot contact us, then please check out our Eventbrite page HERE.

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