• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Digital Arts

This introductory-level course focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of video editing with the Adobe Premiere Pro software. Through tutorials and projects, students will learn how to create SD and HD video projects. All aspects of Premiere Pro will be thoroughly explored, students will learn how to import and capture footage, cut it together, add effects and transitions, colour grade, add and mix audio, add titles, and export their projects in various formats for web or exhibition.

Winter 2020: No class January 28, 2020.

Spring Term 2020:

6 Weeks: Base Tuition: $305 + Lab Fee: $20 = Total: $325 

Notes: This course uses Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. Students should have basic knowledge of Mac computers and Mac OS 10.x or experience with Microsoft Windows.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Learn all the essential terminology and properties for digital video and sound
  • Learn the complete Premier Pro workflow to use in the making of your own projects
  • Learn colour correction and effects with an introduction on working between Premiere and Adobe After Effects
  • Learn how to composite green screen footage using chroma keying and mattes
  • Learn how to properly export your projects for the web and exhibition
  • Create your first video edit in-class with one-on-one assistance from your instructor

Materials to Bring

Please bring a USB key or external hard-drive to save your work. No other additional materials are required.