• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Youth

This ONLINE course will introduce students to the fundamentals of drawing, including contour, gesture, value, colour, proportions, perspective, foreshortening, surface treatment, mark making and composition. Emphasis will be placed on learning to see and experience the world from the artist’s viewpoint. Classes will be structured in combinations of demonstrations, shorter exercises and longer, more developed drawings. We will look at various artists work as well as class work and individual feedback will be provided. A variety of wet and dry drawing media will be used, please refer to material list. This course is offered in two parts. We recommend that students participate in both parts for the full effect of this course, however, students registering for Part 2 only are welcome.

Part 1 (6 weeks) will introduce everyone for setting up their workspace, explain and explore the various media and paper. We will start with warm up exercises exploring quality of line, value, mark making and more. We will be drawing from objects in your house/room as well as from imagination. We'll discover value through shading techniques as well as texture through mark making and application of line. Still life and (self) portraits will also be part of this segment. Composition will be explained and applied through a number of exercises.

Part 2 (5 weeks) will be a continuation of the above including idea finding and choosing the right medium, introduction of layered drawings, drawing and collage, perspective and proportions by drawing parts of your room, combined drawing exercises and more elaborate compositions with various media.

Winter 2021:

Part 1: 6 Weeks: Tuition: $275   

Part 2: 5 Weeks: Tuition: $235

TSA will deliver this course using ZOOM. Prior to the course session, you will receive an invitation for the session(s) via email. You'll need a laptop, desktop or tablet, internet connection with good bandwidth and headset (either wired or wireless). We recommend that you set up a free ZOOM account and be familiar with ZOOM prior to the class beginning.  Here is a link to help you get started: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/categories/200101697

Notes: Tina Oehmsen-Clark has been working as an artist and art educator since the early 80s and 90s, respectively. She has been teaching Youth Studio, Portfolio Development, Drawing and Sculpture/Media Explorations at the Toronto School of Art since 2005. Tina also is an art catalyst in a special program at Avondale Secondary Alternative School. Oehmsen-Clark’s work is an exploration of sound and music and visual art, including audio, drawing, sculpture, performance and sound installation. Her work has been shown and awarded in Germany, Denmark and Canada and most recently been exhibited at the Stephen Bulger Gallery, Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts, IndexG and Robert Kananaj Gallery.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Learn the basics of drawing for students just starting out
  • Increase your knowledge of composition, line, value, shading for students with a little more experience
  • Explore self portraits and still life

Materials to Bring

Material list for Online Youth Drawing Class

  • Pad of Cartridge Paper (18” x 24”) 
  • Pad of Water Colour Paper (11” x 15”)
  • Pad of Mixed Media Paper (11” x 15”)
  • Assorted Pencils – F, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B
  • Set of Conte sticks including black and white
  • Fine Liner Pen, black (0.8)
  • Set of Tombow brush and fine point markers, 2 sided (basic colours, other brands are fine)
  • 3 watercolour brushes (two round, one 2” flat)
  • 1 pocket water colour set with basic colours
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Kneadable Eraser 
  • Gum Eraser
  • Scissors and Glue Stick
  • Two bulldog clips (or large binder clips), Drawing Board 18" x 24"  (can be with or without clips)