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  • Sculpture

Artists create multiples to emphasize a contemplation of form, to challenge us to see difference or the unique in the face of repetition, to ask questions about value in an age of disposable, identical consumer products or as a meditation on the very process of making. In this course, we will make a series of objects using moulds in plaster and create installations with those objects. Projects will include making push moulds of symmetrical objects and creating multiples with air-drying or oven-hardening clay, making a larger object cast in plaster and a collaborative project in which students will swap cast objects. Casting in plaster has certain limitations as compared to silicone, but also certain benefits. It is cheaper, less toxic and can be used for ceramic slip casting.


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What you will learn

  • How to create moulds with plaster including push moulds and pour moulds
  • Casting multiples in air-dry clay, oven bake clay and plaster
  • Learn about the equipment necessary and alternative materials that can be used in mould-making
  • Surface treatment and alteration of the cast object
  • Conceptual considerations for the installation of the work and of the use of multiples and repetition in art

Materials to Bring

  • Oven bake clay (sculpey) - if desired
  • Yogourt containers, milk cartons etc for mould forms
  • Flexible plastic mixing bowls
  • Paints and brushes or other supplies for surface design
  • Olfa style knife, craft knife
  • Rubber gloves if desired
  • Additional plaster if student makes more than an average number of casts