• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Painting

Students will gain technical skills and knowledge in rendering the human form in paint. The course allows for direct visual observation of the figure while painting, but the ability to construct the figure from imagination and memory will also be stressed. Generally, poses are one to three classes in duration. Media: Acrylic, oil, oil stick, pastel, charcoal.

Tuition $475 | Model fee $95 | Total $570

Notes: This is a mixed level course. It is recommended that students have taken a course in Introduction to Painting, Introduction to Life Drawing, or have basic painting skills. This course covers studies in the human figure; a nude model will be used.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Structure of the human form, proportion, anatomy, volume and 3d form
  • Composition structure, brushwork rhythm, background strategies, negative space, pictorial space and focal points
  • Local colour, skin tones, warm and cool colour and rendering the effect of light with colour