• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Drawing

The focus of this three-day workshop is the representation of the human figure as a 3-dimensional form in space. Using basic principles of perspective, participants will analyze a variety of short and long poses with an eye to more accurately conveying volumes and relative positions of body forms.  This workshop will place emphasis on analysis and description, rather than on expression. Drawings will be primarily linear. The workshop can be taken on its own, but is also a natural complement to the Spring course 223 Structural Drawing. Most of the time will be spent drawing from live models, supplemented by brief lectures, handouts and demonstration, as well as some individual critique and coaching.  Mathematical skills will not be necessary.

Base Tuition: $290 + Model Fee: $55 = Total: $345

* This course is not currently open for registration

Materials to Bring

  • One 18 x 24” pad of newsprint (40 sheets)
  • One 18 x 24” or larger pad of cartridge or other heavier white drawing paper (around 40 sheets)
  • H or HB graphite pencil or woodless pencil
  • 2B or 3B graphite pencil or woodless pencil
  • pencil sharpener or knife for sharpening
  • One stick of Black `B’ Conte Crayon
  • One stick of red or brown chalk – Conte or other brand
  • One small package of willow charcoal- approx. ¼” diameter pieces
  • One kneaded eraser – large or small
  • Two large fold-back or bulldog clips