• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Drawing

This course covers the essentials of life drawing in a dynamic format of expressive poses. It is ideal for beginners wanting to establish good technique in proportion, structure and movement.

Poses will be ten minutes to one hour in length. They will adapt to the wishes and needs of the group after the first few weeks of establishing a good baseline of skills. It is designed to teach students the skills necessary to render the figure in three dimensions, in both wet and dry media. Instruction in surface anatomy and proportion is included. Class sessions are upbeat with lots of personal attention.

Media: Charcoal, conté, ink, newsprint.


Notes: It is recommended that students have taken an Introduction to Drawing course, or equivalent.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Warm-up exercises for line quality
  • Basic mass structure of human anatomy
  • How to compose within your chosen format
  • Easy and sure-fire proportion techniques
  • How to make contours subtle and expressive
  • Use of value to create form & drama

Materials to Bring

Please keep your receipts in case you need to return any materials

  • 2 Pads newsprint 18” x 24” or larger
  • 2 Sheets of Canson paper, white or something close to white - 18" x 24" or larger
  • 1 Sheet illustration board, white or something close to white - 18" x 24" or larger
  • 1 Of each pencil: 8b, 2b, 2H, 4H
  • 2 Or more sticks each of the following: 1. compressed charcoal / 2. vine or willow charcoal / 3. black and burnt sienna conte.
  • 1 Kneadable eraser (gray type better than blue type)
  • 1 Gum eraser
  • 2 Drawing clips or bulldog clips
  • 1 Utility knife
  • 1 Jar Chinese black ink (100ml or more)
  • 3 Round bamboo goat hair ink brushes of varied sizes (e.g., 6, 10, 14 sizes)