• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Painting

This foundation course will introduce students to the important relationship between acrylic pigments and acrylic mediums and gels. It will demonstrate how these emulsions can provide a finer technical and visual result. Mediums and gels offer the artist a world of control in changing acrylic colours, extending paints, increasing drying time, building texture and altering surface finishes. The range of emulsions explored will be GAC 100 (diluting paint and adding shine), Fluid Matt Medium, Soft and Regular Gels, as well as OPEN Gloss Medium (extending drying time of paint).  This course will examine ways in which to start a painting, blending techniques, colour mixing, creating transparent and opaque effects as well as emulating the look of oil paint. Students will have a deeper understanding of the importance of using acrylic mediums to enhance the appearance of their paintings. They will also have the confidence to approach any further painting classes using acrylics.


Notes: As of Fall 2018: See course "Introduction for Acrylic Painting."
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Introduce students to the basic principles of using Acrylic paint with Basic Acrylic Mediums
  • Cover Basic Colour mixing and matching using a series of practical exercises that can be used in all future painting classes
  • Using simple subject matter introduce ways to start a painting, blending techniques, and emulating the look of oil paint.

Materials to Bring

For the FIRST CLASS please have:

1.  SKETCH BOOK:  Aquabee Superdeluxe 808 Sketchbook 9” x 12”.

Available at Toose Art Supplies. 229 College St.  416.348.079

(If purchasing another brand please make sure paper is at least 90 lb)

2. Pen or Pencil with which to take notes.