• Intermediate-Advanced
  • Painting

This course will focus on the use of GOLDEN or TRI-ART Fluid Acrylics to achieve stained, poured and flowing effects. We will incorporate the use of a variety of substrates such as Absorbent Ground, Light Molding Paste, and Fibre Paste. We will also utilize some of the many exciting contemporary compositional strategies available to the Fluid Acrylic artist seeking to update their working habits. This course will include instructor demonstrations, student investigations and scheduled group discussions.


* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • To investigate ways in which to change the surface of traditional watercolour paper using Gesso, Acrylic Matte Medium, Molding paste and Absorbent Ground
  • To work on full scale sheets of Watercolour Paper as well as Canvas
  • To introduce contemporary compositional strategies