• Intermediate
  • Drawing

This course is designed to introduce the experience of creatively exploring experimental materials, processes, methods, and ideas in contemporary drawing practice. Particular emphasis is given to drawing as discovery, experimentation and its expanding vocabulary, its gestures and marks, supports and tools, and developing a range of new skills by working with different subjects, processes, tools and media. Students will develop individual artworks and experiment with materials, processes, technologies and formats that can contribute to a broadened understanding of drawing as a discipline. Individual projects will seek to explore what drawing is and does across a range of disciplines and over a broad historical period.


* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Project-based assignments
  • Class critiques of assignments
  • Use of materials, tools and processes from a variety of media
  • Production of creative works that demonstrate innovation in concept and material
  • Discussion of contemporary and historical drawing practices

Materials to Bring

For the first class, students should bring a lightweight sketchbook/scrap paper and pens or markers. The instructor will go over the material requirements for the whole course more thoroughly once in class.