• Absolute Beginners
  • Drawing

This beginner’s course helps you to use drawing as a part of your everyday life, quietly in a sketchbook, engaging with the world, filling walls with your spirit. Develop a language to draw from life, memory, imagination and storytelling. All the shortcuts, tips and tricks from a 30-year teaching career, invented, adapted and melted down into a refreshing introductory course. To draw a knee cap, just think of an Oreo cookie with a beard. See? Now you’ll never forget!

12 Weeks: Base Tuition: $495 + Materials Fee: $50 = Total: $545

Upcoming Sections

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510Megan WilliamsSept. 18, 2019 to Dec. 4, 2019
TERM - Fall 2019
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
12-week courses$545.00

What you will learn

Develop an easy way to draw from life.  Learn to draw from the imagination.  Learn to draw from memory.

Materials to Bring

  • One package of 2 sticks of black conté (HB if possible)
  • Graphite drawing pencils. One each of HB, 2B, 4B
  • One coloured pencil crayon of any pale colour (Prismacolour is good).
  • One black pencil crayon (Prismacolour)
  • Small exacto knife
  • Sandpaper block for sharpening conté
  • White plastic eraser
  • Grey kneadable eraser
  • One Fineliner felt tip pen, black (get another dark colour if no black)
  • One pale grey felt pen, any brand.
  • One watercolour brush, round & pointed, ideally the type that has a water reservoir in the handle. The diameter should be that of a pencil. If this not available, try Dollarama for a cheap selection of nylon brushes in one pack.
  • Pencil case for the above
  • One sketchbook, portable size (whatever size you will find easy to carry around). The paper must be good for dry and some wet media. (Dollarama may have decent ones.)
  • One pad of newsprint 18 x 24”