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  • Interdisciplinary

This is a process-based course that integrates drawing skills with a painting practice. Drawing is vital to painters as a tool for exploring ways of seeing, working out composition and its abstract structure, colour values and relationships, image development, and space perception. Students use a variety of drawing and painting materials to investigate these fundamentals and to bring the flexibility, directness and expressiveness of drawing into painting. This course focuses on using drawing as a resource in the development of a series of paintings with a cohesive theme. Students will work on individual projects. Classes will include exercises that work back and forth between drawing and painting intended to structure a process and promote research. Lectures will focus on the process of historical and contemporary artists. Individual support and group critiques will be provided.


Notes: This class would be useful to visual artists of all levels. It is helpful if students have prior experience in drawing and painting classes, e.g. Introduction to Acrylics or Oils, or have attended Open Life Drawing/Painting sessions.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Visual language skills
  • Image development
  • Process-based art
  • Integrating drawing skills with painting practice
  • Spatial exploration