• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Digital Arts & Photography

ZBrush is the leading digital sculpting software in the industry. ZBrush feels very much like traditional sculpting and allows for limitless creativity. This course is geared towards beginner and intermediate students who wish to gain a solid foundation in digital sculpting. Beginners will be introduced to ZBrush and learn how to sculpt simple organic objects. They will then move on to working on a more elaborate personal project involving figure studies, character creation, clothing and organic environments. Intermediate students will be able to take it further by learning how to paint on 3D models inside ZBrush and sculpt hard surface/mechanical objects such as props, weapons, armors, robots & vehicles. Students will able to make a presentation sheet and turntable animation movie of their final work.

Fall 2019/Winter 2020:

12 Weeks: Base Tuition: $495 + Lab Fee: $40 = Total: $535

Spring 2020: 

10 Weeks:  Base Tuition: $422 + Lab Fee: $40 = Total: $462

* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Organic Sculpting: Human figure & Anatomy, Characters, Creatures
  • Clothing sculpting
  • Realistic and Stylized detailing: folds, seams, wrinkles, pores, scales, hair, fur…
  • Character posing and facial expressions
  • Character sheet presentation
  • Turntable Animation of your work