• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Drawing

This six-week evening course will introduce beginner and intermediate level students to the basics of drawing portraits from observation. Working with a variety of models we will investigate the `landscape’ of the human head; the layout of faces and the particulars of facial features. We will look at ways to better reflect the proportions of individuals, and how to use value (light and shadow) to convey surface forms. Progressing from short studies at the start through to extended sittings at the end, students will have the opportunity to develop some more fully resolved portrait drawings. Instruction will consist of short lectures, demo drawings, handouts and lots of in-class drawing time with instructor feedback. Media will include graphite, charcoal and Conte crayon.

Tuition: $290 | Model fee: $45 | Total: $335

Notes: This course is suitable for beginners. For best results students should ideally have had at least one term of Introductory level drawing or equivalent experience.
* This course is not currently open for registration

Materials to Bring

Required Materials*

1 pad of newsprint – 18 x 24 inches is o.k., but expansive drawers may prefer 24 x 36

a couple of sticks of willow or vine charcoal

one stick of 2b conte crayon (conte brand preferable to galleria)

optional: one stick of brown conte

graphite pencils- HB & 4B

optional: one General’s charcoal  pencil – Medium

kneadable eraser

bulldog or fold-back clips- at least two

x-acto knife or snap-type knife

Other materials will be recommended as the course progresses—expect to need more ( and also better-quality) paper.