Tina Poplawski


Tina Poplawski has been an instructor at the Toronto School of Art since 1993.

Poplawski has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Ontario, Quebec and New York. Two galleries in Toronto, the V. MacDonnell Gallery and Lehmann Leskiw Fine Art, have represented Poplawski. Her work is found in North American and European collections both corporate and private. She is the recipient of many awards, including numerous Ontario Art Council Grants. Her work focuses on textured paintings, sculptural objects and paper works arranged into multi-faceted installations. She has been negotiating the cultural residue of war through her art practice for many years, leading her to a fascination with “debris” found in the botanical world.


1977 Fine Arts Diploma, Visual Art, New School of Art

1975 BFA, Fine Arts, York University


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