Thomas Hendry


Thomas Hendry, a Toronto-based artist, has been an instructor at the Toronto School of Art since 1996. Hendry has been active as an art instructor for over a decade, and he believes that learning art should be positive discovery process. He practices this teaching philosophy beyond the Toronto School of Art at Sheridan College, The Haliburton School of Fine Arts, the AGO Gallery School, OCAD Outreach Program and the Toronto District School Board.

His drawings, shown in numerous exhibitions, use the means of traditional art to create contemporary images, images that address the beauty, mystery and complexity embodied in the human form.


1996 BA (Honours), University of Guelph

1994 Diploma (Honours), Ontario College of Art

1983 Arts’ Sake Inc.


Anatomy and Figure DrawingIntroduction-IntermediateView
Drawing with InkIntroduction-IntermediateView
Intermediate DrawingIntermediateView
Intermediate Life DrawingIntermediateView
Introduction to Life DrawingIntroduction-IntermediateView
Introduction to Portrait DrawingIntroduction-IntermediateView
Life Drawing 2: Concepts and ContentIntermediateView
Life Drawing 2: Drawing Better BodiesIntermediateView
Life Drawing 2: Light, Shadow and ExpressionIntermediateView
Life Drawing 2: Materials ExplorationIntermediateView
Life Drawing 2: The Body, Clothing, and CostumeIntroduction-IntermediateView
Life Drawing: Structural BodiesIntroduction-IntermediateView
NEW Life Drawing 2: Figure in ColourIntermediateView
Portrait Drawing BasicsIntroduction-IntermediateView
Structural DrawingIntroduction-IntermediateView