John Bingham


John Bingham, a photographer and graphic artist, has been teaching at the Toronto School of Art since 2005. Bingham established his career in traditional photography, but was quick to realize the potential of the newly evolving digital medium. As a result, his unique photographic style and understanding of Photoshop technique has made him a highly sought out industry professional and private tutor. Looking to share his knowledge with other artists, Bingham has found great satisfaction in helping new students of digital photography and Photoshop. His love of teaching has helped many students find fulfillment in photography and the digital arts.

Bingham’s photography practice is based in Canada and he has photographed on assignment in the Canadian Arctic, South America and China. John’s client list includes a number of the country’s largest corporations, professional theater companies and television producers. His photographs have been published in Canadian books and magazines, documentary films and are included in several private collections. Most recently he has developed a unique collection of digital based abstract prints that are being marketed successfully with an internet photo agency. For the last two years he has shown at the Contact Photography Festival and at the 2013 Toronto Urban Photography Festival.


2000 Digital Diploma, International School of Art, Toronto

1967 Bachelor of Arts, Carleton University, Ottawa


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Mastering the Digital ImageIntroduction-IntermediateView
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