Gillian Iles


Gillian Iles, Toronto-based painter and sculptor, has been teaching painting and drawing at the Toronto School of Art since 2003. Previously, she taught at the Ontario College of Art and Design and the School of Animation, Arts and Design at Sheridan College.

Iles’s recent work combines paintings with sculptures, creating installations that incorporate both real and illusionary space. Her work is characterized by representational realism with selected abstraction. She draws her inspiration from the existence of social ideals, social orders and idealized lifestyles as they pertain to Western culture. Her work has been highlighted in Mix Magazine, Toronto Life Magazine, Now Magazine and Eye Weekly, as well as the National Post and The Globe and Mail. She has also been featured in the book Carte Blanche, Volume 2: Painting.


1997 AOCAD (Hons.), Painting and Drawing Program, Ontario College of Art and Design

1993 General Biological Science Degree, University of Guelph


Explorations in CompositionIntroduction-IntermediateView
Explorations in Figure StudiesIntroduction-IntermediateView
Figure ConceptsIntermediateView
Painting the Clothed FigureIntermediate-AdvancedView