Florian Jacot


Florian Jacot is a visual artist who has been teaching at the Toronto School of Art since 2009. As well as instructing at TSA, Jacot has been teaching figure sculpture, artistic anatomy, and figurative drawing and painting since 2004 at such schools as Max the Mutt Animation School, Artist 25 Studio, Centennial College and Sheridan College.

Jacot works traditionally in fine arts and does freelance work digitally for the film and gaming industries. His work has been exhibited on several occasions in shows and galleries. In 1999, he received an award from The Sculpture Society of Canada for two of his sculptures.


2008 Digital Animation Diploma, Centennial College, Toronto

2001 Classical Animation Diploma , Classical Figurative Drawing and Painting, ARC Accredited Atelier, Max the Mutt Animation Inc, Toronto

1999 Academy of Realist Art (Michael John Angel Studio), Toronto

1999 Art Diploma, Interdisciplinary Art Program, Art Centre of Central Technical School, Toronto

1995 Post-Secondary Diploma, Preparatory Program for Medical Careers, École de préparation aux formations paramédicales, Switzerland


3D Anatomy/Figure SculptureIntroduction-IntermediateView
Animal and Imaginary SculptureIntroduction-IntermediateView
Digital Sculpting with ZBrush 1Introduction-IntermediateView
Digital Sculpting with ZBrush 2IntermediateView
Figure and Small Object CastingIntroduction-IntermediateView
Figure SculptureIntroduction-IntermediateView
Figure Sculpture: Portrait and Facial ExpressionsAll LevelsView
ONLINE: 3D Anatomy Figure SculptureAll LevelsView
ONLINE: Digital Sculpting with ZBrush: Level 1Introduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Digital Sculpting with ZBrush: Level 1, Part 1Introduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Digital Sculpting with ZBrush: Level 1, Part 2Introduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Digital Sculpting with ZBrush: Level 2IntermediateView
ONLINE: Figure SculptureIntroduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Figure Sculpture: PortraitsAll LevelsView
ONLINE: Figure Sculpture: Sculpting FeetIntroduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Figure Sculpture: Sculpting HandsIntroduction-IntermediateView
ONLINE: Figure Sculpture: Self PortraitsIntroduction-IntermediateView