Felice Fleisher


Felice Fleisher is TSA’s General Manager. Prior to taking on this role, Felice’s background included an exciting 30 plus year career in the Home Entertainment industry, mostly focused on building and heading up Paramount Pictures’ Home Entertainment division in Canada as SVP and GM. Her specialty is marketing, sales and operations.

Felice has always had a love of working with clay as an expressive medium. After retiring from Paramount, she immediately dove back into working in clay in both figurative sculpture and ceramic art/pottery, and began taking classes at TSA. She has explored many different courses and disciplines at TSA and became a regular ,with a special focus on sculpture. She looks forward to using her skills to help to build TSA to a strong, vibrant and successful future!  

She also works as a ceramic artist creating mostly dog/animal sculpture through her business Eldoop Design (Eldoop is Poodle spelled backwards).  


B.A. - Fine Arts (Ceramics) - University of Washington - Seattle, Wa

B. Ed - University of Toronto, Toronto, ON