Felice Fleisher


Felice Fleisher joined TSA as its General Manager in winter of 2019.  Prior to taking on this role, Felice’s background included a long and exciting  career in the Home Entertainment industry in both the US and Canada, mostly focused on building and heading up Paramount Pictures’ Home Entertainment Canada division as SVP and GM. Her specialty is marketing, sales and operations.

Felice joined TSA as it General Manager after having been a student at TSA for many years (after retirement from Paramount). She is a passionate supporter of TSA and believes deeply in its mandate and potential. 

She is also a ceramic artist who creates animal/dog sculpture and functional ware through her business Eldoop Design and credits TSA with greatly benefiting her skill levels, artistic vision and  inspiration.



B.A. - Fine Arts (Ceramics) - University of Washington - Seattle, Wa

B. Ed - University of Toronto, Toronto, ON