Donnely Smallwood


Donnely Smallwood, a multi-media installation artist, has taught at the Toronto School of Art since 2001.

Using found imagery and text as a starting point, Smallwood transforms a wide range of disparate materials by cutting and rearranging. She is most interested in how collage processes, by isolating and transforming images, work to alter and intensify the reading of the material. Her collage and assemblage fragments come together to form book works, collage drawings and elaborate site-based installations.


1985 BFA Honours, University of Manitoba School of Art


Collage Explorations 1Introduction-IntermediateView
Collage Explorations 2IntermediateView
Collage Journals and Altered BooksIntroduction-IntermediateView
Collage Sketchbooks and JournalsIntroduction-IntermediateView
Drawing and CollageAll LevelsView
Drawing and Collage SU21Absolute BeginnersView
Fundamental Drawing for Teens (Ages 14-17)All LevelsView
Introduction to DrawingAbsolute BeginnersView
Introduction to Drawing 1.5Introduction-IntermediateView
Mix it up: Drawing, Collage and Mixed Media (Ages 11 - 13)All LevelsView
Organica: Dye/Stain/StitchAll LevelsView
Wunderkammer: Cabinet of CuriositiesIntroduction-IntermediateView