Brian Burnett


Brian Burnett has been an art instructor at the Toronto School of Art since 1991. In addition, Burnett served as the school’s Director from 2000 to 2004 and has been a member of the Faculty Steering Committee since 1992.

Over approximately 35 years of exhibition, visceral, textured layerings of paint coupled with pattern and movement have been constants in the many paintings executed by Burnett. Through his early period with the Isaacs Gallery (1979–1989) and then with Gallery One (1989–2004), Burnett has displayed a sense of humour and irony in his ongoing investigation into the two-dimensional picture plane. In his most recent work, he has brought together his passion for painting and digital technology, creating digital paintings using Painter 12 software. The final works are limited-edition prints on canvas, mounted on birch panel, with an acrylic topcoat that creates a simulacrum of Burnett’s characteristic style and painting techniques. His work has been collected by the City of Toronto, General Electric, Government of Ontario, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Art Gallery of Ontario, Art Gallery of Windsor, Art Gallery of Hamilton, Glenbow Museum and McLaren Art, as well as American Express, and is featured in many private collections.


1974-76 New School of Art, Toronto, Ontario


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