Anahita Akhavan


Anahita Akhavan is a Toronto-based artist and faculty at TSA since the Summer of 2018. Previously, she taught the Fundamentals of Painting and Drawing at the University of Saskatchewan.

Akhavan’s practice ranges from figurative abstract painting to collage, drawing and photography. Her studio practice ranges from collage making to painting and drawing. She draws her subject matter from fragments of the human condition; identity, social roles, both subjectification and objectification of "the self" in multi-layered constructed surreal spaces. She has had solo and group exhibitions across Iran and Canada. Akhavan received the ICCC grant in 2016, won the second rank prize of Iranian Contemporary Painters held in Art Residency in Qeshm Island in 2013.


2017, MFA, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada

2013, BFA, Painting and Drawing, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


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