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Organica: Dye/Stain/Stitch is an experimental 3-day workshop which explores the possibilities of dyeing and staining papers and fabrics with a wide range of unusual organic materials. Students will collect materials such as rusted metals, tea, coffee, spices, flowers, foliage, fruits and vegetable matter for all kinds of dyeing, staining, dripping and mark-making processes. Students will achieve subtle traces such as rust staining with tea as well as more vibrant colours from bundling and stacking flowers and foliage into paper and fabric. The dyed and stained materials will then be used to create a stitched paper or fabric collage/assemblage.

This course is meant for anyone who enjoys experimental processes and appreciates the question: “What would happen if...?”


* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Preparing a wide range of organic materials for dyeing and staining
  • Preparing fabrics and papers to receive the dyes and stains
  • Exploring a wide range of processes to dye, stain and colour a variety of papers and fabrics
  • Create stitched collage works and books with fabrics, books and other found materials
  • Exposure to contemporary artists working with these processes

Materials to Bring

  • Apron
  • Notebook and pen or pencil
  • Spray bottle
  • 4 large sheets 140 lb water colour paper
  • Various containers; large yogurt, tin cans
  • Tongs

To collect:

  • Assorted sticks 1” in diameter,  6-9 inches in length
  • Rusted metal bits (flat) and rusted nails

Organic materials list to follow...