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Bodies in motion, bodies at rest… an understanding of the structure and movement of the human body is one of the most useful elements in the toolkit of animators, cartoonists - and anyone creating imagined or narrative artworks.

This week-long workshop is intended first and foremost with future animators in mind. Working with life models, we will focus on the most important elements of simplified body structure. Poses will be short, and our emphasis will be on describing body forms dynamically - through gesture drawing and  fast contour drawing. Ways to work through drawing challenges -  including proportion and foreshortening will also be covered, as well as tips and strategies for challenging forms like heads and hands. Exercises to stimulate your storytelling imagination will also be included.

Instruction will consist of short demonstration drawings, handouts - and lots of drawing time.  Work produced in this workshop will be appropriate for building a stronger portfolio for anyone seeking to apply to animation programs.

This course is co-taught by Faculty Members Thomas Hendry, Megan Williams, and Enzo Avolio.
Megan Williams and Thomas Hendry have many years experience teaching first year college students at Sheridan College life drawing and portfolio preparation skills to apply to Animation and Game Design programs  in the Toronto area. Enzo Avolio is a seasoned Animator and Character Designer with studio production credits for both Warner Bros. and Disney. He has been teaching Character Design in the BA Animation program at Sheridan for several years.

Tuition fee: $405 | Model, Materials, and Guest Artist fee: $135 | Total: $540

Notes: 1-hour lunch break each day. Students will draw from a life model; model will wear athletic attire.

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670FacultyMarch 11, 2019 to March 15, 2019
MONDAY 3/11 - FRIDAY 3/15
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
1-week Intensives$540.00

What you will learn

  • Day 1- Orientation, materials, etc. Focus on gesture drawing, and body mechanics
  • Day 2- Simple body forms, torso and legs, simple heads, proportion basics
  • Day 3 - Arms, hands, basic face elements, a little more on proportion, simple shading
  • Day 4 - Balance, foreshortening, clothing essentials,
  • Day 5 - Strengthen your character design with well-structured, believable characters that are ready for the animation process.

Materials to Bring

All materials provided.