• Intermediate
  • Drawing

Expand your drawing toolkit. The materials of drawing - the media used and the support they are drawn onto - are vital considerations in art-making. Each type of media can impart a different `feel’ to the work produced, and using better-quality art materials helps produce lasting works. Working with a model affords an excellent opportunity to investigate different media. In this 6-week course, we will use the human form as subject matter to explore a variety of wet and dry media. Ink, water-soluble graphite, and coloured chalk will be among the media investigated on a variety of supports: watercolour paper, and toned papers, among others. Course instruction will consist of demonstrations coupled with longer poses, to allow time for in-depth investigation of a different drawing material/paper combination each week.

Tuition: $275 | Model fee: $45 | Total: $320

Notes: It is recommended that students have taken the Introduction to Life Drawing course or have equivalent and recent life drawing instruction.
* This course is not currently open for registration

What you will learn

  • Further refine basic life drawing skills: contour, gesture, value (light/shadow), proportion
  • Beginning to consider composition and content
  • More specific in-depth figure details (foreshortening, heads, clothing)

Materials to Bring

  • 1 pad of 18 x 24” cartridge paper (40 sheets)
  • 1 pad of Canson XL series watercolour paper 18 x 24” 300g (30 sheets)* -or- 1 pad of Canson Montval series Watercolour Paper 18 x 24” (12 sheets)*
  • A narrow synthetic bristle brush suitable for water media #0 or #1
  • Broad round synthetic (taklon or the like) brush - #12
  • Kimberley Sketch and Wash water-soluble pencil
  • The smallest package (12) of Prismacolor Nupastel Colour Sticks
  • A 1 oz. bottle of Sepia drawing ink (Pelikan or PH Martin’s Bombay series will do)
  • 1 or 2 sticks of medium-soft willow charcoal - not too thin
  • HB, 3B and 5B graphite pencils - or similar grades)
  • Sandpaper block
  • Kneaded eraser
  • Large Bulldog clips

Note: Materials are somewhat flexible. All of the materials listed can be found at Aboveground Art Supplies on McCaul St.

Any additional materials will be discussed in class.

*Only the HB pencil, broad and narrow brushes, cartridge paper and sepia ink are needed for class #1. Some savings may be had if two people are willing to share the cost of a pad of Watercolour paper (a whole pad won’t be necessary). This too can be discussed during the first class.

A few extra materials may be available if you have not had time to acquire things before the first class.