• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Painting

Students will gain technical skills and knowledge in rendering the human form in paint. The course allows for direct visual observation of the figure while painting, but the ability to construct the figure from imagination and memory will also be stressed. Generally, poses are one to three classes in duration. Media: Acrylic, oil, oil stick, pastel, charcoal.

Fall 2019/Winter 2020:

12 Weeks: Base Tuition: $495 + Model Fee: $103 = Total: $598

Spring 2020:

9 Weeks:  Base Tuition: $385 + Model Fee: $85 = Total: $470

(Spring 2020 - No class on Victoria Day - May 18. 2020)

Notes: It is recommended that students have taken a course in Introduction to Painting, Introduction to Life Drawing, or have basic painting skills. This course covers studies in the human figure; a nude model will be used.

Upcoming Sections

CodeInstructorDates & TimeDaysLengthRegister
204Roberta McNaughtonApril 20, 2020 to June 22, 2020
TERM - Spring 2020
10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
9-week courses$470.00

What you will learn

  • Teaching is done on an individual basis; learning objectives may change depending on the student levels and areas of interest
  • Approaches covered using the figure - Classical, Impressionist, Modernist, Abstract

Materials to Bring

Please keep your receipts to all purchases incase you need to return any materials.