• All Levels
  • Interdisciplinary

In this six-week course we will explore the impact of sound in our visual language through drawing with various media including watercolour, ink, charcoal and paint as well as working with various materials in collage. Students will learn about abstract composition by investigating relationships of line, contour, shape, colour, texture and sound/music. A lecture on the importance of music/sound in art history and contemporary art will introduce students to the importance of this relationship.

Tuition: $275 | Materials fee: $20 | Total: $295

Notes: No class on May 22 for Victoria Day.
* This course is not currently open for registration

Materials to Bring

  • Water Colours - a basic set of student quality tube water colours like Van Gogh or Winsor and Newton
  • A set of basic student quality acrylics
  • A few plastic palettes
  • Brushes - a set of round, flat and filbert brushes - medium size plus a large flat and round brush
  • 2 large bulldog clips
  • Paper - a pad of newsprint and 22x30 Watercolour Paper (can be discussed in class)
  • Scissors
  • Exacto Knife
  • Roll of green masking tape, medium width
  • UHU Glue Stick
  • Medium Size Fluid Matte Acrylic Medium (f.e. Golden)
  • India Ink, small bottle

You will be notified what to bring to the first class and we will go over materials then.