• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Drawing

This course provides an overview of bones and muscles and emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between skeleton and muscles to enhance the understanding of surface anatomy. Students will examine the all important bumps and indentations on the surface of the skin and underneath and develop the skill and confidence in drawing the figure. Practical exercises are supplemented by studies of the skeleton, individual bones, the live figure, and by demonstrations. Classes are structured around technical advice, anatomy lessons, individual and group demonstrations.

Tuition $275 | Materials fee $45 | Total $320

* This course is not currently open for registration

Materials to Bring

  • newsprint pads (18" x 24" or larger)
  • conte pencils or sticks (few colors)
  • bulldog clips
  • manilla &/or cartridge or paper of choice (18" x 24" or larger)
  • few pencil crayons
  • other drawing materials (personal choice)
  • recommended text is: "Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist" by Stephen Rogers Peck