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Learn various techniques of expression through unique brush art materials and the "free-hand" style of line-drawing, wash-and-ink, wash-and-colour, special effects, and contemporary techniques. Discover another understanding and existence of the art world. Unblock creativity through art by practicing in synthesis of art, culture, theory, and philosophy. Clear the mind of junk and enjoy the expression of "inside-out," flow of ideas, mind-opening and a better focus on yourself. Reach the deep balance between the inner world and outside expression.

Tuition (6 weeks): $290 | Material fee: $20 | Total: $310

Notes: Detailed instruction and demonstration are provided. Professional mounting technique is also covered. No experience required. SPRING TERM: No class May 21 for Victoria Day.

What you will learn

  • Intro to fundamental knowledge of Chinese brush art
  • Learn basic brush lining, loading, washing and layering techniques
  • Open your inner creativity and exploration with direct expression
  • Explore the contemporary Chinese brush art application interact with other art media

Materials to Bring

Chinese Bamboo Brushes

  • Large brush with short white hair, 2”-2.5” length, 5/8”~1” diameter
  • Long and white hair brush, 1.5~2” length, 3/8” diameter
  • Medium brush with short hair, 1~1.5” length, 3/8” diameter
  • Small brush with brown hair, 5/8”-1” length, 2/16” ~3/16” diameter

Chinese Ink   small (100ml) or large (250ml) bottled ink

Chinese Painting Colour  12-colour pack

Rice Paper absorbent rice paper, at least 12 sheets at 70cmx140cm (2.3'x4.6'), or long rice paper roll

Painting Pad  white felt, available in Dollarrama, fabric stores or art supply stores

Brush Roller  bamboo-made, looks like Sushi roller and placemat

Paper towel

Palette or white plastic trays



Available stores:

Book Store in Dragon City, Spadina/Dundas, Toronto
Chan Sheung Kee book store, 457-9 Dundas St. West, Toronto

Japanese paper store on Queen West


Curry's Art Supply Stores

Please note that you may pick up your supplies from store to store, not all in one store.