• Introduction-Intermediate
  • Drawing

This course examines the link between drawing, material and space, with a key emphasis placed on contemporary approaches to drawing. Students will reconsider the relationship between the drawn surface and the conceptual/physical concepts of form, space and display. The following questions will be asked:  What defines a drawing?  Are there limits to drawing, and if so how do you overcome them or exploit them?  What are contemporary approaches to drawing?  How can a drawing exist in space, from the space on the page to physical space of ones surrounding?  Can a drawing be a three dimensional object and how can material transform the drawn surface?  What are alternative methods of display in drawing and how can these methods enhance the drawn surface?

This course consists of weekly exercises, discussions, and group critiques. Traditional elements of drawing are utilized, such as various types and sizes of paper and the graphite pencil, providing a foundation in which to build upon. Students are encouraged to think outside the box, to think beyond traditional notions of drawing and display, in order to reconsider drawing in contemporary art.

Tuition: $335

Notes: Students should have some experience in drawing or have taken coursework in Beginning and/or Intermediate Drawing, Mixed Media.
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What you will learn

  • Experimenting with various elements and approaches of observational drawing
  • Considering how/what defines a drawing and understanding how to push beyond the definition
  • Development of critical understanding of various theoretical concepts of drawing
  • Producing creative works that demonstrate innovation in both concept and material
  • Discussion surrounding contemporary drawing practices